Alaska Book Week

 Alaska Book Week is a statewide celebration that annually celebrates the multi-faceted ways that we appreciate books, from readings to panels, lectures, discussions, and youth activities.

 This is an invitation to participate in Alaska Book Week 2020 which will take place from about October 2 to October 9. We consider “week” liberally. Events in the few days before and after this calendar week can be included.

Despite difficult and changing circumstances we are committed to making Alaska Book Week a lively, stimulating event-filled time. In the past, events included on our calendar were live, in-person events. This year we encourage participants to coordinate virtual events—e.g., video interviews, Zoom author or publisher talks about their books, readers’ reactions to books, exhibits on websites—that we can link to from our Alaska Book Week website or that we can add to our YouTube channel.

To participate in Alaska Book Week, email the following information:

  • who is putting on the event
  • what its purpose is
  • how and when it takes place

Send any images such as book covers, author headshots, logos, venues or other artwork that will help us to publicize your event and Alaska Book Week in general. Information about the events will be posted on the Alaska Book Week website and Facebook page and through other social media and traditional media outlets.


Something for everyone during
Alaska Book Week

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Deadline, September 28

Haiku Invitational. Alaska Book Week invites you to submit haiku celebrating the ways that reading about Alaska or works by Alaskans has enhanced your world. Traditional Japanese haiku is a 17-syllable, three-line poem typically written in 5/7/5 syllable count. “Haiku, Alaska!” is your chance to combine the simple joy of reading with the directness of the haiku form. 

How to submit: You can submit your haiku to:

Deadline: September 28

  • You may submit up to three haiku. 
  • All entries will be reviewed for appropriate content and posted to the Alaska Book Week Facebook page and on the website.
  • By submitting your work, you affirm that writing is original and your own
  • No cash prizes awarded

October 5
Time: To Be Announced

Hometown, Alaska. Host Kathleen McCoy welcomes  Alaska State Writer Heather Lende. Heather will discuss her new book, Of Bears and Ballots, and take listener calls during this LIVE call-in show.

Date and
Time: To Be Announced

Jamey Bradbury, author of The Wild Inside, and Sharon Emmerichs, author and UAA Professor of English, will discuss getting an agent and getting published. This will be a recorded Zoom conversation. 

Jamey Bradbury
Sharon Emmerichs
David Stevenson

Date and
Time: To Be Announced

Mountain climber, author and UAA Professor David Stevenson plans to join three of his mountaineering colleagues to discuss their passion for high places. He will attempt to bring together virtually, climbers from Colorado, Thailand, and Talkeetna.